Disneyland Airport Transportation

Sunnys Transportation LLC offer top-notch Disneyland Airport Transportation services. Disneyland is the world of fairy tales, magic, and miracles. But getting here can be very stressful when you have had a long flight before. Luckily, staying in this city for the first time does not have to be stressful, since there are convenient and budget-friendly transport options to take you right to the magic of this city.
You can stay from those worries, letting your Disneyland experience begins as soon as your plane lands. Book our Disneyland airport transportation services today for seamless services.

Disneyland Airport Shuttle: Convenient and Affordable Options

Disneyland airport shuttle services are a great alternative because you can share the ride, and they are quite cheap compared to private transfers. You’ll find many branding leaders offering shuttles to all main Southern California airports, including the LAX, SNA, LGB, and ONT, as well as Disneyland.

Why choose Sunnys Transportation LLC Transportation?

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For the most part, shuttles are typically cheaper than cabs or personal automobiles.
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Convenient pick-up and drop-off

Many Disneyland airport shuttle offer convenience when you book your flight, as they allow for a pick-up at the airport terminal and drop you off at the hotel of your choice in the Disneyland resort.
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Comfortable travel

The current shuttles are large but air-conditioned, giving you adequate comfort as you wait for your ride to take you home after your flight.

Things to consider when choose a shuttle

Disneyland Shuttle from Airport: How to Arrive Stress-Free?

You will be much better off reserving your Disneyland shuttle from Airport bus in advance, especially during high-traffic times.

How to seek a Disneyland shuttle from the airport?

Tips for a seamless shuttle experience

Disneyland Transportation from Airport: Hassle-Free Transfer Solutions

If you are one of those who look for a more individualized and direct approach, many of them also offer you this chance.


Taxis are available at all major Southern California airports at all times. This kind of Disneyland airport transportation can be a hassle, but it is more expensive than shuttles, especially for long-distance flights.

Ride-sharing services

Disneyland transportation from airport Services such as Uber and Lyft that offer instant transportation now give birth to an alternative that is safe and comfortable as well. Nevertheless, fares during peak hours, which cause significant price increases, are also the case.

Private car services

To pre-book a private car service means having only comfort and freedom of choice. Upon your arrival, a driver will already be waiting for you to take you in a moment to the hotel where you and your family will stay at the Disneyland Resort Castle.

This option is perfect for group excursions or travellers with some disabilities.
Selecting the most suitable transfer solutions will also depend on your budget, travel style, and group size.
  • For budget-conscious travellers: preference for a cooperative shuttle.
  • For a balance between affordability and convenience, shared rides may also prove efficient in off-peak hours.
  • For a stress-free and personalized experience, stick to a Disneyland transportation from airport service provided by personal car companies.

Transportation to Disneyland from Airport: Swift and Reliable Services

You are about to come to LAX, SNA, LGB, or ONT? Bypass the inconveniences and have the magic with you from the start of your trip when you choose Sunnys Transportation LLC. Our excessive transfers to pick you up from the airport and quickly drive you to the Disneyland Resort in luxury and comfort are available for you.
A smooth and reliable ride from the airport to Disneyland is what you want. Don’t waste time; check our website out, and it will not disappoint you.

Our transportation to Disneyland from airport offers

  • Shared shuttles are a cheap and ideal alternative for one- or small-group travellers.
  • Private car services: fast and convenient transportation to a hotel in Disneyland Resort that belongs to you.
  • Reliable and comfortable vehicles: Sit back and enjoy a flight after a relaxing journey.
Make sure you book your transportation to Disneyland from airport transfer in advance and ease that worry out of your mind while the fairy tale starts to peruse alternatives and arrange for a ride today.
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Airport to Disneyland Transportation: Arrive at Disney with ease

Are you exhausted from your flight? Don’t complicate yourself anymore by looking for airport to Disneyland transportation or finding yourself lost in some unknown city. Sunnys Transportation LLC represents the only company at LAX, SNA, LGB, or ONT that guarantees us direct drop-off service at your Disneyland Resort doorstep.
We provide stress-reducing airport to Disneyland transportation transfers of different kinds to satisfy your needs. Save some funds by sharing shuttles, or experience something unforgettable by choosing to be driven by a private car service. Whether it be for a short tour around with friends or a whole-day journey, you can always count on our affordable and safe cars.
Have your magical Disneyland airport transportation service book now and bask in the idea of arriving at Disneyland rejuvenated and enthusiastic for the adventure.
Bethany BBethany B
21:20 09 Apr 24
Really nice Driver!! Got us in same day, affordable and super clean ride. Would definitely book again!
20:16 03 Feb 24
Excellent experience. Super responsive, friendly and helpful drivers, reasonable prices, very punctual, and great vehicles. We booked a 10 passenger van with car seats pre-installed to shuttle our family of 6 (plus grandparents) to/from airport/Disneyland.
Jennifer MacKenzieJennifer MacKenzie
02:54 01 Dec 23
I booked Sunny’s to transport me and my daughters from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland area in May, 2023. We were picked up (by Sanjay) on time, w clear instructions, a beautiful SUV, and our requested (FREE) booster seats. As a single momma traveling with two littles, I can’t emphasize enough how special and comforting it is to feel like ‘family’. Four days later, we were picked up from Disney to get back safely to the airport for home. We only wish we would have taken a picture to keep as an annual memory – because going forward, we will only use Sunnys Transportation every time we visit Disneyland.
Conrad StutzneggerConrad Stutznegger
02:44 23 Nov 23
JoAnn LJoAnn L
02:20 10 Nov 23
***Update: Upon checking the receipt for 11/8, Sunny decided to add gratuity to our bill that we absolutely did NOT approve. We will be disputing this charge with our bank. He also asked me to change my review to 5 STARS, I would strongly urge you to steer clear of this shady business. ***I’m sure running a chauffeur service is not easy, but if I’m going to hire anyone… I trust that they get it right. I went with Sunny due to the wonderful reviews and since I was traveling with a toddler, I was not willing to be flexible with transportation. Unfortunately Sunny did not exceed expectations with me.I booked my trip a month in advance with Sunny. 11/5 SNA pickup at 3:30PM and then 11/8 hotel pickup at 1:45PM.11/5 trip – I specifically chose 3:30PM pickup because I knew we were going to take awhile deplaning with our toddler. We got there early with some time to kill. Sunny let me know that he won’t be able to pick us up but sent his employee, Tony. We landed early but they were late by 22 minutes (3:52PM). Sunny said there were “delays and traffic” and “this rarely happens”. OK, so if that’s the case… it shouldn’t be hard to make the situation right, right? He gave us 15% off this ride, gave me his word that he would be the one to pick us up AND be there 30 minutes early. I believed him.11/8 trip – Sunny did not come 30 minutes early. Nor did he show up. He sent his wife, Rosy to pick us up. She came exactly at 1:45PM which was the only good thing I guess? Sweet and nice lady. Sunny then calls me to confirm my pick up and mentions that I don’t need to go so early since the direction to the airport does not have traffic. Mind you, if I pay you for a service I 100% expect that you will respect and honor the time I selected regardless of your opinion. Traveling with a toddler is unpredictable and having extra time NEVER hurts.I was expecting to add a little spark to our Disney trip because I read that Sunny is so good with kids. It’s unfortunate that we did not get to ride with him but that’s OK. The main takeaway from this is if Sunny had kept his word when trying to make it right, he would have redeemed himself. We did not feel right to tip given the experience so we left it at that.You are only as good as your word. Good luck Sunny.
Courtney CatalanoCourtney Catalano
22:04 21 Oct 23
The worst experience ever going from Anaheim to Marina Del Ray. Our driver couldn’t manage to get a hotel on their phone for directions, I had to do it for her. She smelled of body odor which was noticeable the minute you got in the car.Our driver was not fit to be on the road, veering in and out of the lane, braking for no reason, crossing into a double yellow carpool lane, and in general, struggling to drive. We could not get out of the car fast enough and actually shortened our trip! The driver admitted to being up since 3:30am! SERIOUSLY?!Our trip was at 1pm in the middle of the day. Be cautious of using this limo service!